Why does my business need a website?

Having a website is vital for your business credibility

If someone came to you and asked that paying only $600 you can win a limited amount of credibility in the eyes of your prospects, would you do it or won’t?

I bet that any business owner with adequate cash in the circle or a bank will not take a minute in spending those $600.


Because everything takes time and what demands most of the time is credibility. In business, credibility and goodwill do not come too early. It can easily take from a handful of years to a decade or more.


What is it that you can buy for $600 and which, in return, will make you credible in your market?

That’s $10 for a domain + $140 for excellent hosting and $450 for a good digital marketer. Yes, you need a website and people who deal in a certain field and have their own website, are considered more credible than those who do not have a base of operations.

Ready to take advantage of the benefits of having a website, hit the chat bubble to get started.

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